Discover the tunics of our Care collection

Ladies and unisex tunics for all care and wellness professions.

Sustainability in every fibre

Taking care of the planet, taking care of the people we work together with. Sustainability is not that complicated. Alsico opts for real actions that make a difference. 

Satisfaction survey shows staff motivation

Our employees are proud to work for Alsico

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Alsico employees are satisfied with their jobs. More than that, an overwhelming majority say they are proud to work for the company. This is evident from the satisfaction survey we recently conducted among our staff. These results show what a great and stellar work culture we have been able to build over the past few years. Thank you all!

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Learn about how we guarantee quality and how we offer repair.

We guarantee. We repair.

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Alsico takes 100% responsibility. We guarantee what we make. To achieve this, we build on a rock-solid quality system that guarantees the best and longest possible use of your garment. If your used garment needs to be repaired, we guarantee that too. Send it to us. We will take care of it in our local repair shop. Want to know more about the benefits of a quality product? Want to read all about how we repair?

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Learn everything about the first comprehensive solution for your end-of-life clothing

Alsico launches the first sorting hub for workwear

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We are proud to present Alsico Worked Wear, the very first sorting hub for workwear and protective clothing. On 1 January 2025, it will be mandatory in Europe for garment manufacturers to take back their products for reuse or recycling. Alsico, a leading producer in the European workwear sector, did not wait that long.

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Pulling all the stops for your comfort and safety

Alsico is a family business that operates globally. We design and produce workwear and standardized protective clothing. Our clothing is developed out of the needs of its wearers. We make sure that employees are protected, that they feel comfortable and happy with the way they look. Our selection of fabric and material is based on quality, function, movement pattern and environmental impact.

Did you know that Alsico Group has no less than 7500 employees?

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