Alsico launches the first sorting hub for workwear

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Alsico launches the first sorting hub for workwear

We are proud to present Alsico Worked Wear, the very first sorting hub for workwear and protective clothing. On 1 January 2025, it will be mandatory in Europe for garment manufacturers to take back their products for reuse or recycling. Alsico, a leading producer in the European workwear sector, did not wait that long.

From now on, all types of workwear and protective clothing that the user considers to be end-of-life can be sent to our hub. The condition is that the garments are clean and that we know what they are made of. We need this information to give them a valuable second life.

The clothes that meet these conditions will be sorted in Ronse. First we check whether they can be repaired or reused after minor repairs. These repairs are done in our local repair shop. Clothes that only qualify for recycling are sorted according to colour and fibre composition. Currently, we can recycle into acoustic and thermal insulation material and new fibres. However, several pilot projects are underway, so we already know that more solutions will soon be on offer.

Those who return clothing pay EUR 0.25/kg for it. In exchange, you get the assurance that clothing has not been burned - as is still standard practice today - but led to a valuable second life. Just as the Extended Producer Responsibility prescribes, we take full responsibility for what happens to our products after they are no longer used. The attestation we write states the number of pieces delivered, their weight and the CO2 emissions saved.

Alsico has specialised in the design, manufacture and distribution of durable workwear for more than 80 years. Alsico NV is part of Alsico Group. With more than 21 in-house production workshops, we are present in 10 countries and employ more than 9,000 enthusiastic employees. Our goal is to fully support the customer with a wide range of workwear and by providing the best service, both in terms of quality and delivery.