Comfortable workwear for the medical and healthcare sector

The CARE collection by Alsico is designed for personnel working in the medical, care and wellness sector. With eighty years’ experience in the workwear sector, Alsico has extensive experience in developing complete projects, paying particular attention to quality, comfort, design and innovation. Alsico’s A-MOVE offers the best in comfort, giving that extra touch to our fashionable clothing line.


It is Alsico’s mission to make you feel good in your work clothes. Alsico is constantly innovating. Not just with new colours and attractive details, but also with improvements to sizing and attention to functionality in the design. We can therefore offer a collection that both men and women will feel good wearing. Every clothing line is a complete package, providing you with new outfits for the various functions in your institution. This guarantees a professional and uniform look.

The CARE collection consists of eight different lines: Carica, Chamilla, Begonia, Anthillum, Farfara, Reflexus, Montana, Wellness & Beauty. There are also specific articles such as trousers, scrubsuits and aprons.

Fabrics and accessories are chosen with care to meet the needs of the wearers and are adapted for specific occupational conditions. Feel free to discuss other colour combinations to match the house style of your care institute.




The CARE by Alsico collection is designed specifically for personnal involved in the medical sector (hospitals, paramedical professions and nursing homes) and the spa industry. In all these professions is freedom of movement is very important. Therefore Alsico has introduced the A-MOVE system. A-MOVE is an innovative concept developed by Alsico that gives the wearer a more comfortable feeling at work.

The CARE Collection is made up of several stylish, fashionable clothing lines which in turn are available in different color palettes. There is something for everyone thanks to the different models, different types of collars, small accents on the sleeves, back, collar… There is a choice between ladies models and unisex models, with elegant and fashionable fit.

Each clothing line is a total package by itself and was designed to dress the staff of the complete care facility (nursing, facility employee, cleaning staff, paramedic and doctor) while ensuring a matching outfit for everyone. Every care facility has its own corporate identity: thanks to different color palettes we are able to target the client’s demand perfectly. With the Shake Your Style collection, you can also make your own creations by combining fabrics and colors to your liking.

Freedom of movement and comfort are priorities thanks to the innovative A-MOVE model. We focussed on functionality: functional pockets with gusset, pen pockets, reinforced scissor bag, practical loop, beeper pocket. The tunic has an ideal length, and hides the hips (length 75 cm). The pants are retractable, adjustable at the waist and has an elastic in the back. The entire collection is industrially washable.