Protective workwear for industry

The INDUSTRY collection from Alsico was designed with a focus on safety and optimum protection. With her eighty years of experience in the workwear sector, Alsico is familiar with the development of complete projects with attention to quality, comfort, design and innovation. The A-move from Alsico is an asset in comfort that gives that extra touch to our clothing lines.


Feeling good and safe in your work clothes is the goal of Alsico. Time and again, Alsico tries to innovate. Not only with new colors and nice accents, but especially by improving the fits and paying attention to functionality within the design. The clothing is also designed with a guarantee of excellent industrial washability and is certified according to European and / or international standards. Each clothing line is a total package that makes it possible to provide the various functions in your institution with a new outfit. In this way a uniform appearance and professional image to the outside world is guaranteed.

The INDUSTRY collection consists of protective clothing on the one hand and work clothing on the other. The protective clothing is divided according to standards. The workwear includes a completely new Joe & Jody collection, a basic collection and a basic range where you will find a softshell and even socks.

Fabrics and accessories are carefully selected to meet the wishes of the wearers and are tailored to the specific working conditions. Other color combinations and personalizations, matching the corporate identity of your company, are happy to be discussed with you.