Why Alsico?


We simplify matters for our clients. Our dedicated customer support keeps you informed and answers your questions. In short, it responds to your needs until you have exactly the clothing you want.


With every decision we make we consider the impact it has on people and the environment. We are economical with materials, strive for repairability, do not make clothing that cannot be recycled. That too is sustainability.

Made to feel good in

Each design starts from the needs of the wearer. Work environment, tasks and the degree of protection are decisive factors. But also, whether you are female or male or the type of comfort you are looking for.

Local and global

We are a company in the town of Ronse. We cherish our town, our neighbours. But we are also active globally. With worldwide 21 production units that ensure flexible production planning and reliable delivery.

Professional protective clothing and work clothing

Protection is a profession. Alsico combines knowledge about raw materials, CE-standardized protective clothing and product development and sustainability to create a product that does what it promises: protecting, but comfortable all day long, even when performing demanding tasks. Every step in the process is tested against our high sustainability standards.

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