European standardization

Protective clothing

EN 343:2003
Protective clothing – Protection against rain
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EN 1149-5:2008
Protective clothing – Electrostatic properties. Material performance and design requirements

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EN ISO 11612:2008
Protective clothing – Clothing for protection against heat and fire
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EN ISO 14116:2008
Protective clothing – Protection against heat and flame – Limited flame spread material assemblies and clothing
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EN ISO 11611:2007
Protective clothing for use in welding and related processes
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EN 510:1993
Specification for protective clothing for use in places where there is a risk of suffocation with moving parts
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EN 342:2004
Protective clothing – Garments and clothing ensembles for protection against the cold
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IEC 61482-2:2009
EN 61482-1-1: Determination of the arc classification (ATPV or EBT50) of flame-resistant materials for clothing
EN 61482-1-2: Determination of the arc protection class of material and clothing by means of a limited and focused arc (box test)
EN 61482-2: Work under voltage – Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc Part 2: Requirementsread more

High visibility clothing

EN ISO 20471:2013
High visibility clothing – Test methods and requirement

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Protection against liquid chemicals

EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009
Protection against liquid chemicals – Requirements for clothing that offers limited protection against liquid chemicals (Type 6 and Type PB [6])

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Personal protective equipment

EN 14404 + A1:2010
Personal protective equipment – Knee protectors for work in kneeling position

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