The protective clothing in our Industry collection includes high quality personal protective equipment (PPE) certified according to EN standards and / or international guidelines. These standardized AND PPE is certified by an accredited testing institution, also known as Notified Body. A certification consists of a technical file, a check by manufacturer and / or notified body and a manual.

These instructions are an integral part of the Personal Protective Equipment and must therefore always be included (can also be requested at any time). It is the job of your prevention of to satisfy itself that it is clearly explained and that the support of the PPE understands this. To also be able to provide optimal protective clothing, it is imperative that before performed a risk analysis by your prevention.

We distinguish three categories of PPE:

Category I
Category II
Category III
Simple design

pijl pbm

low risk, clearly defined (self-certification)

intermediate design

pijl pbm

everything that does not include in I and III

Complex design

pijl pbm

protection against lethal risk or permanent serious injury (clearly defined)